Wholesale Directory Assistance / 411 / DA                                   

Network America provides wholesale directory assistance service to LECs, CLECs, ILECs, PTTs, long distance resellers and large corporate customers in the USA and abroad. This service allows businesses with large amounts of 411 & 555 calls to buy services at a highly discounted rate for resell or use within their operation. International and Domestic directory assistance is available. Domestic operator assistance is provided via operator centers located in the continental United States 

High quality & accurate directory assistance services from Network America gives your customers access to both local and national listings. Your customers will be connected with an operator center located IN THE USA, where our highly trained operators are waiting to provide assistance.  

Other highlights of Network America's  program include:

Live and Automated operators English speaking operators located in the USA
Local and Long Distance DA Multilingual operators & custom branding  
Electronic billing - Customizable for rebilling           We utilize VoIP, Dedicated & 800 access 
International DA (limited) SMS Text Back
Spanish Assistance Customized Branding
Canada Listings  Enhanced DA services

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                                Copyright 2010 Network America - Since 1994 Network America has provided Operator Services to customers in the USA and abroad. Network America is also a leader in the field                                               of wholesale directory assistance service. We offer discounted directory assistance to CLEC, ILEC and PTTs at very low rates, for both USA and international phone numbers.                         

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