Prepaid Phone Cards / Wholesale                                               

Network America prepaid phone cards can be found in many of the nations most prestigious hotels, as well as some of the most traveled venues. We provide cards on a wholesale basis only and prefer to take a  "ground up" approach when working with customers that need prepaid phone cards, customizing every aspect of the product; rates, branding, marketing, and even the physical material, shape and design of the actual cards.

For a custom quote and free consultation please call or write; 812-277-1499 or



Name Recognition Custom prepaid phone cards allow your company to have thousands of small billboards carried by a myriad of customers and prospects across the country.  Customer that see your design and think of your company every time they call

Custom Professional DesignIf needed, Network America will assist in creating a professionally designed phone card that conveys the message that you want your customers to see. The design can be as simple as your logo on the face of the card or as complex as a sales presentation.

Flexible Rate Plans You tell Network America the rate structure that you desire and we will build a discount structure based on those rates. Or, tell us how much of a discount that you need to operate and we will tell you the rates that need to be charged.

Paper or PlasticNetwork America works closely with some of the nations finest printers in the production of prepaid phone cards. Again, you the customer, specify the type of material, design, size and color for the cards and we work with the printers to make it all happen

Batch Activation Need 20,000 cards over the next 12 months but don’t want to pay for all of them at once? Nor do you want to go through the printing process several times each year? We understand, no one wants enormous cash outlay; however you also want to take advantage of volume printing. It only makes sense. This is the reason our customers pay for cards in batches; Have 20,000 cards printed all at the same time, thus saving hundreds of dollars in printing, but activate as needed. Want 500 cards this week? Then just pay for 500 cards and that’s all we activate.  


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