Operator Services for Payphones Companies, LECs, CLECs & Hotels


Network America's customers can benefit from:

  • High Commissions - Network America offers some of the HIGHEST commissions in the industry.

  • Originating Calls from all over the Globe Network America processes operator calls all over the world.

  • Flexible Rate Plans - With several plans to choose from, Network America will have a rate matrix that suits your company's needs.

  • Simple Reports - You'll get complete detailed operator service reports emailed to you weekly and receive a comprehensive commission report with your check each month as well as full electronic reporting.

  • Timely Commissions - Commissions will be promptly issued upon the completion of each billing cycle.

  • State-of-the-Art Call Validation - With this service, you won't be charged back for bad debt.

  • Customized operator services for CLEC, ILEC and PTT customers.

  • Great Wholesale Directory Assistance (411) rates for CLEC, ILEC and other large DA users.

We will provide free consulting on competing operator services programs in order to find the best fit for your application. Please call us today at 1-800-575-0155 or send us an email sales@networkam.net. We look forward to finding the best solution  for your international operator services calls.

Network America's EXCLUSIVE 1 800 997 4685

1 800 997 4685 is an alternative access service that utilizes global networks and competes with 1-800-COLLECT® and 1-800-CALLATT®

This service attracts those consumers that would typically use a nationally advertised 800 collect program from a payphone. Typically NO commissions are paid to payphone owners when a consumer uses one of the national 1-800 calling programs. Network America provides private payphone owners with FREE signage to be placed on their payphones that advertises 1 800-997-4685, thus prompting the collect callers to use 997-4685 instead of 1-800-COLLECT® or 1-800-CALLATT®. The BIG difference: Network America pays commissions on all completed collect calls when the consumer uses 1-800-997-4685 and your company is still eligible for dial around compensation too. Callers can make operator services calls virtually anywhere in the world using a major credit card or calling collect. 

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