INTERNATIONAL TELEPHONE OPERATOR                  Network America's EXCLUSIVE 1 800 997 4685

This page provides detailed instructions to callers that explain how to make an international telephone call from the United States and Canada (overseas and North America). Below are simple dialing instructions that will make international calling easy. 

1 800 997 4685 is an alternative access service that utilizes global networks to assist callers with overseas calls. Our operators can assist in virtually any language and can complete calls to nearly anywhere in the world.  

This service is designed for consumers in the USA and Canada that need to place calls to foreign destinations. Callers are given a variety of payment options, including: credit cards, calling cards, bill to a third party number or collect calling (reverse charge). 

Whether you need to make a collect call to Europe or a calling card call to Africa, we have operators on duty that can assist you. Network America offers international calling services in a multitude of languages and provides fast courteous assistance. 

How to make an International call in 4 Simple Steps:

  • Simply Dial 1 800 997 4685
  • Select Language
  • Dial the number you would like to call  (Example: 011 + Country Code + City Code + the foreign number)
  • Enter payment information or speak to an operator


Looking for a way to make calls from overseas? 

You can access Network America's services from most of Europe, Asia and South America. For instructions click here 


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