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Network America International Operator Services offers access to its operator services platform, providing automated and live operator assisted calls originating at international locations and completed around the world. Our services are competitive as well as revenue-intensive; they are designed to meet the requirements of hospitality, telephone and public communications companies (PTTs) and agents outside the United States. Callers will be able to obtain billing on collect calls, valid third party numbers, most major credit cards and many USA issued calling cards. We offer dominant carrier rates with maximum commission paid to our clients. Network America operator services are available in nearly all countries in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Africa.


  • ·        Generous and flexible commission plans.

  • ·        Multiple redundant call centers with 7-by-24 staffing.

  • ·        Multilingual operators assisting in over 180 languages.

  • ·        Advanced, automated technology to maximize valid call completions and cost efficiency.

  • ·        Rate quotes.

  • ·        Robust fraud control features.

  • ·        General dialing assistance and instructions

  • ·        Country-specific pricing for first and additional minutes.

  •          Redundant Network Elements

  • ·        Commissions are paid to each hotel, company, or agent monthly, based on a percentage of qualified revenue.

  • ·        Multiple billing options are available – collect, third party, credit card, person to person and many US issued calling cards.   

  • .        Home Country Direct services

We will provide free consulting on competing programs in order to find the best fit for your application. Please call us today at 812-277-1499 or send us an email sales@networkam.net. We look forward to finding the best solution  for your international operator services calls.

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