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Company Synopsis: Network America is a leading provider of Operator Services to Hotels, Payphone Companies,  PTTs and International Telco customers. Network America offers a wide array of customized international telecom services, including: private branded operator services, hospitality telecom products, wholesale telecom services and enhanced operator programs for international telecom agents and alternative access providers. Network America has a rich history of paying top commissions to its customers and agent partners. Network America offers callers a variety of billing methods: collect calls, international collect calls (internationally originated and terminated), reverse charge, third party billed, credit card and calling cards. In addition to Operator Services, Network America also offers: international bandwidth, ITFS (international toll free services) and USA originated toll free numbers (free call numbers for American callers). This page includes links to International dialing instructions and country codes.  Phone home while traveling overseas with                International Access numbers These global Toll Free numbers allow travelers to phone the USA and other countries  Click here for more details


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