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Looking for an International Telephone Operator?  In the USA & Canada Simply Dial 1-800-997-INTL (4685)


Copyright 2011 Network America - Since 1994 Network America has provided Operator Services to customers in the USA and abroad. We assist callers in Europe, Asia, South America, Africa and around the world; providing a simple way to call America and overseas with FREE ACCESS for the caller whereby the called party pays for the call either using a credit card or accepts collect charges. Our customers enjoy collect calling and phone translations, Collect Calls to USA, Call Canada Collect, receive assistance from payphones, home country  direct and other alternatives. Call from virtually anywhere in the world using Network America operator assistance. Our USA based operator centers can be reached from a multitude of countries. We make international dialing easy for callers all around the world, with clear dialing instructions, list of country codes and multiple billing methods. Network America is also a leader in the field of wholesale directory assistance service. We offer  discounted directory assistance to CLEC, ILEC and PTTs at very low rates, for both USA and international phone numbers. All rights reserved.     

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