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Network America and its parent company, Heartland Telecom, Inc., are amongst the world’s leading global communications companies. For 12 years we have constantly  embraced the latest technological advances to serve our customers’ needs.

Network America provides integrated communications services to business customers throughout the world. We offer the most advanced; operator services, data, IP, voice, VPN,  hospitality, payphone and prepaid phone card solutions. We work with a variety of clients, ranging from the small corner retailer to large multinational organizations.

Network America offers virtually all types of value added telecom services uitilzing a host of international carriers. Network America also offers its own privately branded network products and services, such as the Good News cards.


Whether your company is in need of a custom branded prepaid phone card promo or an international VPN, its almost certain that Network America will have a solution to meet your needs. 

Network America offers both domestic and international voice and data services. Whether you are looking for a point to point data connection between Chicago and Paris or a frame relay network within your own state, we can customize a service that will meet your needs and your budget.

Network America's staff and its commitment to our customer is the what really sets us apart from our competition. We have been praised by many customers for having the most caring and helpful service/support personnel in the entire telecom industry.

NETWORK AMERICA - 1029 13th Street - Bedford, Indiana 47421 - USA


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